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Why Wellspring?

We recognize that you have options when choosing a resource to help you with your staffing needs, and we welcome you to experience the Wellspring Difference.

We get IT…

The Wellspring Group is a company of technology and recruitment professionals who really get it.  We understand the industry, the challenges of our clients, and the bottom line.  We use a ‘Beyond Requirements’ framework to identify and understand our client’s priorities from a business perspective and the uniquely qualified talent needed to help them achieve their goals.

How we do IT…

The Wellspring Group is a company that is focused on the stewardship of your time and money.  To sustain a long lasting, mutually beneficial relationship, we operate in an agile, low-phase process that minimizes cost and time to our organization and yours by utilizing only the necessary individuals and sources of energy to search for and deliver talent.   We believe this is a healthy way to do business.

Built within our corporate DNA, our practices and organizational structure significantly impacts our operations by increasing productivity, reducing overhead costs, decreasing turnover & absenteeism, improving employee morale and consistency.  That is why The Wellspring Group establishes a Dedicated Delivery Team for each of our Key Accounts that follows a successful, repeatable process that has been proven well suited to support our clients.  These proactive teams are charged with being prepared and focused on the clients Supplemental Staffing requirements and is led by a Senior Partner at our firm.  The Dedicated Delivery Team includes an Account Manager, 3 dedicated Recruiters, an assigned Administrator and Sourcers who manage and continually grow the pipeline portfolio.

We respect your time…

The Wellspring Group is relentlessly focused on your business goals and is committed to bringing value to our clients quickly and accurately. We listen, clearly understand the issues, risks and goals, align our resources with the objectives and deliver on objectives with qualified professionals. The tenure of our recruiting team, the far reach of their networks, and the depth of our relationships within the technology sector enable our recruiters to target and select top talent quickly and accurately.

The Wellspring Way…

The Wellspring Group understands the most complex requirements and the most complex people. We remain relentlessly focused on introducing our clients to quality, valued contract, contract to hire or direct hire professionals who fit requirements technically, functionally and culturally in order to be successful on their projects.

While we support large capacity clients with proven candidates by identifying technical talent through prioritized channels such as sourcing current contractors at the end of their assignments, prior contractors, referrals, prescreened candidates, candidates who have been mapped to a standard job description profile, online searches, and outreach programs, we call on our boutique sensibility to make direct personal interaction efforts to place traditional phone calls to passive candidates not in the database or looking on the job boards and meet with them to recruit them for opportunities.  We also are social media savvy and use social media to reach the millennials.  To date, more than 25% of Wellspring’s candidates are from current or prior contractors or referrals.


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